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As part of earning your trust, maintaining your privacy is a very important concern. Our policy is simple and straightforward. We will not sell, share, provide, barter or trade your information with anyone. Only the credit card service providers (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) and the delivery systems (UPS or US Postal Service) in the course of processing and delivering your order will have access to your information besides us.


Security of your information is of equal concern as your privacy. ShowerFilterStore.com practices some of the highest levels of security available today for secure e-commerce transactions. Your credit card information is encrypted in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SSH (Secure Shell/Telnet) Intrusion Detection System. This means your information cannot be read or copied as the information travels over the Internet. Once received, your information remains secure and private in our Master Server Computer with limited password access. The only time a portion of this information will be retrieved is when we access your name and address in order to send you a reminder postcard to replace your cartridge(s). This reminder service is free from ShowerFilterStore.com.

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